Two-Piece Party Dresses: Behind the Trend

Two-Piece Party Dresses: Behind the Trend

Posted by Megan Gartrell on 25th Apr 2022

Fashion is a product of the times, and sometimes, what’s old is new again! Matching sets, in general, are nothing new - but one of 2021’s rising trends was the popularity of two-piece party dresses.

Don’t expect that trend to fizzle out anytime soon. It’s sizzling, and it’s going to continue to grow!

That’s one of the reasons we’ve been so eager to curate some select highlights from the industry’s greatest - and feature those matching sets here at

The Allure of Two-Piece Party Dresses
Without a doubt, part of what’s made two-piece party dresses so popular is the “built-in coordinated” aspect of it all. Splitting a dress design in two gives the wearer a look of being “put together” that’s hard to place a finger on.

While matching sets can place a novel spin on harmony, it’s also true that in some cases they give the fashion-savvy wearer the ability to create a sense of pleasant contrast by mixing patterns, colors, and even textures.

Not all matching sets take the apparent style of a “dress in two pieces,” either. Though many two-piece party dresses do, other two-piece sets mix-and-match tops and bottoms pair sweaters, shirt tops, crop tops, and even jackets or blazers with skirts, shorts, and long pants.

For some, the appeal comes from challenging the look of convention. The eye naturally looks for harmony; matching, two-piece sets offer that but shake things up by creating a break in continuity that is equal parts elegant and bohemian.

While two-piece party dresses offer all of this, they also offer an undeniable element of comfort and practicality. Full-length gowns require conscientious attention when sitting and standing; one must be ever observant of how the dress sits or rides on her form. Two-piece dresses are more forgiving in this respect and behave more predictably.

The truth is also that some women find two-piece sets more comfortable, too. This may give you the freedom to stun in comfort - but don’t worry, if that’s your secret, it’s safe with us!

Top-Sellers from Our Catalog
Looking for something new for your wardrobe for the summer of 2022? These highlights are some of the best-selling two-piece party dresses from our catalog. You won’t go wrong with these!

Two-Piece Side Slit Dress
This maxi-length, two-piece side slit dress paired with a crop top is just what you need it to be - and you’ll captivate heads and hearts all day or all night long when you choose it.

Flexible, versatile, form-flattering, yet grounded, this set pairs a bit of bohemian spirit with the modern daring that inspires two-piece sets. Perfect for dates, parties, and days by the pool or by the sea, this side slit dress has the attitude and novelty to inspire and impress.

Don’t settle for just one of these Two-Piece Side Slit Dresses (pictured at the top of this article) - it’s one of the best-sellers on our site, and it’s available in three colors!

White Knitted Crop Top Skirt Set
This White Knitted Crop Top Skirt Set is another stunner from our collection, and tops for versatility. You can wear it as a matching set or mix and match the pieces to other items in your wardrobe.

The long-sleeve crop top and the bodycon high-waisted mini skirt both feature a geometric stripe design and deliver just the right amount of flair.

This set is perfectly balanced between formal and avant-garde aesthetics and would make a great choice as a two-piece party dress, on a date, or simply for a casual gathering with the girls.

Green Two-Piece Maxi Dress
Elegant and daring, this Green Two-Piece Maxi Dress is one of our most popular two-piece sets and it’s easy to see why.

It sports a thigh-high slit and a deep V-neck and will accentuate your best assets and hug your every curve, outfitting you in style to dazzle your audience - wherever you are. It’s ideal for formal gatherings ranging from balls to evening dinner parties and other black-tie events.

One thing is certain: in a dress like this, you’ll be sure to turn heads and hearts, wherever you go.

Floral Crop Top Maxi Skirt Set
Summer is just around the corner and there’s no way to ring it in with style than with a floral crop top maxi shirt set like this.

The look is hot - but you’ll be cool and comfortable in this two-piece stunner that features a cool blue and green floral pattern on a ruffled maxi skirt and matching crop top, adorned with titillating black lace.

Positively perfect for beach getaways or sultry summer pool parties - add this Floral Crop Top Maxi Skirt Set to your closet and you’ll thank yourself later.

Discover New Two-Piece Party Dresses for Women
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