Invited to a White Party? Try These Dresses on For Size!

Invited to a White Party? Try These Dresses on For Size!

Posted by Megan Gartrell on 16th May 2022

So you have been invited to your very first white party. Congratulations! You are in for a special treat and an overall exciting occasion!

As thrilling as this party will undoubtedly be for you, you also know just how vital your appearance–including your outfit– is to the entire event. What do you wear to a white party anyway?

Fortunately, we are here to ease your stress and provide you with answers along with some of our best white dresses to wear to your white party, from cute bodycon dresses and sexy mini dresses to flowing maxi dresses and elegant gowns!

What Is a White Party?
First and foremost, let’s define what a white party event is. A white party is essentially as its name suggests: it is a party in which everyone is wearing white! All attendees and hosts are supposed to wear white from head to toe, as “white” is the dress code.

White parties are typically thrown to “close off” the summer season but also for any occasion the host decides, like anniversaries, birthdays, and more!

What Should You Wear to a White Party?
White, white, and more white! You can technically wear other colors in your accessories if you so chose, but your overall outfit must be white.

Men typically wear white suits and can decide for themselves the color of their ties, shoes, ascots, and/or belts. Women tend to wear white body-accentuating dresses, rompers, and jumpsuits along with accessories of their choosing.

Now that we know what a white party actually is and what is expected in terms of outfits, let’s take a look at some of our best-selling white dresses for a white party to inspire you!

White Off-Shoulder Bodycon Dress

                                        cute bodycon dresses

When wearing this White Off-Shoulder Bodycon Dress, you will instantly grab the attention of everyone at the white party! This is one of our fans’ favorite cute bodycon dresses because it seamlessly combines cute and sexy into one stunning dress!

The neckline is off-shoulder with one long sleeve for a flirty flair while the rest of the midi dress hugs your curves with grace. The ruched sides make this dress even more desirable– for you and all those around you!

Ruffle Bandage Dress

                                                  cute bodycon dresses

Really shine like a rare diamond with this Ruffle Bandage Dress! This knee-length dress perfectly encapsulates both style and elegance– all while hugging your beautiful curves just right.

This dress has unique features, bound to mesmerize any onlookers. It has butterfly short sleeves, which are truly attention-grabbing (and even comfortable to wear!). Their accentuating ruffles connect with the bodice of this bandage dress, giving a slight allusion to the butterfly. Much like the butterfly, you will properly illuminate your unique self and their eyes won’t be able to look away from your beauty!

Nobu Summer Dress

                                           cute bodycon dresses

If you’re looking for a white dress that is a bit more casual, then the Nobu Summer Dress is calling your name. It offers you with a more flowy dress while keeping you cool, cute, and looking your best!

It boasts a sleeveless design with a square neckline and a unique cutout waist in the back. Its lacey design adds to its quaint chic look and has a midi length for unequivocal comfort and style. Beauty, thy name is you!

White Cutout A-Line Midi Dress


This White Cutout A-Line Midi Dress will have everyone (and their eyes) making a beeline to you! When wearing this dress, you will be properly cool in the summer heat yet looking cool, cute, and sexy all at once!

The V-neckline, cutout waist, and X-cross back in this dress are the trifecta for making you flaunt your sexy upperbody. The off-shoulder capsleeves afford you both comfortability and style, while the side slit and midi-length hem help show off your beautiful legs just so.

Roman Princess Dress

                                                  cute bodycon dresses

Roam into the white party looking like a true princess when wearing this Roman Princess Dress! More realistically, though, you’ll be looking much more like a queen– which you are, and that will be made abundantly clear to all onlookers when you’re in this dress!

The unique one shoulder on this dress extends into a wide sleeve. The neckline features a V-neck to capture the attention of all your royal subjects and has an elastic waist for both comfort and curvicature. From the middle of the waist to the right hip, there is an elegant fabric that’s allusive to the Roman toga.

To pull it all together is the high-thigh slit on the left leg. While you show your knee, everyone else will feel tempted to bend theirs– to you!

Claire White Mini Dress

                                                    cute bodycon dresses

The Claire White Mini Dress is the perfect option for those looking to really show off their luscious legs along with every other feminine feature they have!

The combination of the mini hem’s ruffle design and the puff long sleeves is undeniably fashionable and innocuously pleasant to admire. The dress snuggly hugs your chest, waist, and hips, shedding to light just how stunning your unique body is. Its square neckline helps in that, too, while also affording you a chic feature.

Lily Ivory Bandage Dress

                                                        cute bodycon dresses

Looking for a form-fitting cocktail dress to really get a “wow” from the crowd? Then slipping into this Lily Ivory Bandage Dress will truly the best move you could make.

The Lily Ivory Bandage Dress features a halter neckline, allowing you remarkable comfort and a chance to show off your beautiful shoulders and back! Pair that up with the sleeveless design and you are really a sight for sore eyes! While it hugs your every curve from top to bottom (which is knee-length), your onlookers’ eyes will be hugging you, too!

We would like to say that we “hope” you have a blast at your white party, but we already know you will when you wear one of these dresses! Check out all of our white party dresses, which vary from cute bodycon dresses, blazer dresses, and so much more, to find even more options to fit your desires!

Don’t forget to share your stunning white party outfit on your socials and tag us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr! We can’t wait to see what you chose to wear (and flaunt!).