Everything You Need to Know About Matching Sets

Everything You Need to Know About Matching Sets

Posted by Megan Gartrell on 24th May 2022

It’s rare to find a fashion trend that is timeless, one that is continuously loved by all. Sometimes these timeless fashion trends gracefully evolve to adhere to modern trends as well, but overall, their essence remains unaltered and, to say the least, gorgeous!

One fine example of such a timeless trend is matching sets. Matching sets originally became popularized in the early 1990s, but more recently have picked up steam in the fashion industry.

But what exactly are matching sets and the benefits of wearing these stunning outfits? Let’s dive right into the answers to these questions (along with some of our best matching sets, from two-piece dresses to two-piece blazer sets!).

What Are Matching Sets?
Matching sets, which are often referred to as coordinating sets, combine a top and bottom that match in color and overall design. This fashion trend is easy to love for a variety of reasons and can provide you and your wardrobe with impressive benefits (more on that in a moment).

Why Are Matching Sets So Popular Right Now?
Matching sets have risen in popularity more recently, but why is that anyway? Because Instagram influencers, fashion bloggers, and other fashion influencers have been rockin’ them far more often in recent years. And, as “influencers” do, they have influenced the general public (and we’re here for it)!

Benefits of Wearing Matching Sets
You may be wondering what exactly are the benefits of wearing such an outfit in the first place? How could wearing a matching set be any more advantageous than any other combination in your wardrobe? Well, there are a surprising number of benefits of wearing such ‘fits– and here are just a few of our favorites.

Mix ‘n’ Match
If you didn’t want to wear both of the matching set pieces at the same time, you don’t have to! You can mix ‘n’ match these individual pieces with other pieces in your wardrobe, making for even more outfit options for you to flaunt.

Quicker Morning Routine
Do you hate spending too much time with your closet door open in the morning, pondering on what to wear? This style makes it fast and easy for you to decide on what to wear, no matter where you’re off to. Simply grab the set, slip them both on, add accessories, and go!

Countless Styles!
The styles are truly endless with these matching sets aside from just mixing and matching them with other wardrobe favorites. You can wear various pieces of jewelry of your choosing, shoes, and other accessories to boost your ‘fit count even higher.

Plus, you can choose from a vast amount of options! Some examples of styles are two-piece blazer sets, two-piece dresses, crop tops with pants, tops with skirts, and so many more!

Great Price Tag
Who doesn’t love a good 2-for-1 deal? When you purchase a matching set, you’ll typically notice an impressive and enticing price tag attached to it. It may not be exactly a 2-for-1 in some cases, but you will be pleasantly surprised by the number on the price tag– especially for something that has not one, but two stunning garments!

Never Question Matching Shades Again
We have all tried to create our own two-piece sets yet realized the shades of each garment were too “off” to be worn (this writer herself has tried and failed with black crop tops and high-waisted black jeans too many times to count!).

Fortunately, you won’t have to fear wearing garments that are noticeably a shade or two (or seven!) off from each other when you wear matching sets. They are perfectly matching– including their shades and patterns!

Alluring Style
When you are matching both your tops and bottoms, it is natural for the human eye to be bound to your outfit. This is because, when you are wearing a matching set, you’ll essentially look like a walking work of art! On top of that, you’ll be rockin’ an outfit that is unique, vastly different from the typical unmatching tops and bottoms others are wearing!

Stunning Examples of Matching Sets Today
Now that you have a better idea of what this easy-to-love fashion trend is, you should have a look at just a handful of our most popular matching sets here at!

Floral Crop Top Maxi Skirt Set

                                                  two-piece blazer sets

This Floral Crop Top Maxi Skirt Set is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a fashion set that’s easy, breezy, and cute! The ubiquitous floral design is vibrant and attention grabbing while the ruffled maxi skirt is built for both style and comfort. The sleeveless crop top with its lace straps adds a flirty flair to the entire matching pair!

Casual Pant Suit

                                      two-piece blazer sets

This two-piece blazer set features a collared blazer with tapered pants that have unique and lovable bows just above the ankles. This Casual Pant Suit lets you look both professional and sexy, no matter where you choose to wear it!

Green Satin Blazer Shorts Set

                                       two-piece blazer sets

This Green Satin Blazer Shorts Set will make your onlookers green with envy. This two-piece blazer set perfectly combines the typical “boss babe vibe” of the blazer and the flirty, fun, and fabulous look of high-waisted shorts! Not to mention it’s exceptionally comfortable to wear because of its luxurious satin material.

Two Piece Side Slit Dress

                                         two-piece blazer sets

You’ll really astound all those around you when you wear this Two Piece Side Slit Dress! This two-piece set contains a crop top with a maxi-length skirt. The skirt has a luscious high side slit and a tie knot detail. What’s not to love about this set?

Kate Two Piece Set

                                         two-piece blazer sets

The Kate Two Piece Set is really a show-stopper. The sleeveless, strapless crop top features a mesmerizing tie front while the bottoms are high-waisted, wide-leg pants. The result when wearing this two-piece set: a true stunner.

Mustard Crop Top Midi Skirt Set

                                         two-piece blazer sets

Our Mustard Crop Top Midi Skirt Set is the perfect combination of class and sass. The crop top is collared and has short sleeves while the skirt is midi-length, compliments your curves, and features a side slit with one accenting ruched side. Trust us: they won’t be able to keep their eyes off you when you wear this matching set!

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