JAC by Jacqueline Conoir

JAC by Jacqueline Conoir

Posted by Jordie Yeager on 28th Jan 2021

RozeMerie Cuevas is the ideal towards which every ambitious fashion lover should strive. She’s one of Vancouver’s most experienced and influential designers, with more than 25 years spent weaving her visions into luxurious products within the industry. When she created her first collection at the age of just 18, she had had no formal training; her natural talent was then refined and shaped by an education at ESMOD in Paris.

Hailing from France, RozeMerie brought Europe’s renowned high-fashion style to the streets of Vancouver. Her new line, JAC, brings a structured, rebellious flair to otherwise soft, daily attire to create an irresistible combination that puts urban clothing on a level it’s never before reached. JAC has made appearances in feature films, television programs and on red carpets across the continent, and rightly so – it’s edgy yet laidback, urban yet casual, and classy yet effortless.

It’s not often that a clothing line has the potential to alter the future of fashion entirely, but JAC does just that. Let’s meet RozeMerie and find out more.

Where did inspiration for the JAC line come from?

JAC was inspired by the modern woman who lives a multifaceted lifestyle, is comfortable with who she is, speaks her mind, leads by example, appreciates accessible luxury and always thrives on learning more. She has a carefree, LOVE OF LIFE attitude.

Describe the experience of designing JAC – how different was the process of creating a more laidback, fun vibe than the professional yet urban look found in your previous line?

JAC colour palette is muted and softer in tones – greys, taupes, browns, blacks and blues. It was refreshing to design JAC as it is quite opposite of what I have been doing for the past 25 years. Fun and fresh with a twist of attitude is how the collection speaks to me. I am in constant search for textured fabrics and interesting weaves. The shapes and volumes of this collection are carefree and work with the flow of the fabrics.

Are there any elements that carry over to each piece in the line?

Not really, the pieces in the collection are very different in every aspect of the vision.

How would you say your own personal style is reflected in JAC?

I love JAC and wear it almost 80 per cent of the time. I wear JAC as it is very much my personality and I love Jacqueline Conoir when I want to make a glamorous statement.

Describe the ultimate JAC Woman. How does she carry herself?

To quote Vivian Dang of Stylust Magazine, “The mixing of the structured tops and casual bottoms continues to play on the carefree vibe of the collection. There is an evident Kate Moss charm channelled within the understated designs, most notably with the skinny zipper pants and sheer black top.”

In your 26 years in the industry, what difficulties have you experienced and overcome?

The challenges and obstacles never really go away if you are growing a business. Keeping one’s finger on the pulse of things is always important. Changing with the client and hearing what it is they need and want is very important and very difficult, as things change so quickly in fashion. Maintaining quality and design while also maintaining an affordable product continues to challenge us daily. Nevertheless, I look at challenges as opportunities to better my business.

What’s your favourite part of the designing process (i.e. the creative element, seeing the finished piece, etc.)?

I love it when I can transform a woman from feeling basic to feeling amazing while oozing confidence. After all, if we feel great, our confidence is boosted by a long shot.

Did you look up to any specific designer(s) when you were first starting out? Who would you say had the biggest influence on your career?

Designers I have always followed have been Gucci, Donna Karan, and Patrizia Pepe.

What’s the biggest fashion risk you’ve ever taken?

I do not seeanyfashion as a risk. Fashion is not a risk if you feel great in it and if you do not feel great in it, you should not be wearing it. Since I am always moving forward with fashion in baby steps, I never feel that I am taking a huge leap.

How do styles in Italy and Vancouver differ? Does JAC draw from Italian inspiration?

JAC is definitely drawn from the Italian and French influences. Women in Italy and France view fashion as a must and not as a huge effort. They are not afraid of high heels and are always dressed to the 9’s even if they are just walking to the market.

How much influence does European style have on your designs?

I travel all over the world for inspiration and draw from a multitude of cultures. Europe’s philosophy on fashion is that we should all be looking our very best no matter our size, age or where we are going. This has always been my attitude towards fashion !!!!!!

Where do you see the future of JC Studio?

JC Studio will continue to deliver two great brands to its clients while giving them the ultimate in fashion guidance and input.