Gogo Jewelry

Gogo Jewelry

Posted by Megan Gartrell on 28th Jan 2021

The artistic minds behind the Gogo Jewelry brand possess a creative energy that spans generations. Not only do they share the same passion and respect for the natural world, they also share a flair for design and creation, and of course the same blood! Gogo and Hannah, the designer mother/daughter duo, begin each morning at low tide scouring the spectacular beaches of Cumberland Island for the many gifts deposited on the shoreline. From the humble beginnings of shells and bone strung together with fishing line, to the sophisticated techniques and pieces they produce today, this stunning line is the perfect combination of art, nature, and jewelry. Gogo caters to the most glamourous celebrities. From designing John and Carolyn Kennedy’s wedding rings, to custom made pieces for Anna Kournikova, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Hillary & Bill Clinton, Isabella Rossellini and more, owning a piece of Gogo jewelry means discovering the luxury of simplicity. We had the pleasure to ask Gogo and Hannah some questions. Keep reading to learn more about these unique and special women!

Gogo is a beautiful name. What is the story behind your name and how does it fit with the spirit of your jewelry?

Gogo- Gogo is a childhood nickname that was given to me buy my brothers supposedly because I was always ‘on the go’. The name is certainly as unique as our jewelry is!

What does a typical day look like on Cumberland Island?

Hannah – We usually start our day with a long walk down the beach to start the creative energy flowing and to scout treasures that might have been washed in on the tide and could potentially be turned into future designs. Then typically we are found seated around the dining room table going over design ideas and business.

Working together as a Mother/Daughter team must be very special. What strengths do you admire in one another?

Hannah – My Mother has incredible vision and determination, which inspires me daily. She loves to share her knowledge and passion for the natural world but she is also always eager to learn and glean information from equally passionate artist, naturalist, poet, and designer friends and incorporate what she has learned not only into her lifestyle but her art as well. I admire her for being the beautiful strong willed independent free spirit that she is.

Gogo – Hannah has marched through her young life with a very old, wise soul. She has always been so creative in her drawing, as a singer/songwriter, dancer and now through her jewelry designs. I marvel at her ability to take our designs and transform them into a level of sophistication that is so exciting. The sky is the limit in terms of what we can do together with our designs!

Hannah, has it always been your dream to take over Gogo jewelry?

Hannah – Absolutely. I have been working with my Mother for the company since I turned 12 and was old enough to go and get a work permit. I have always had a deep understanding of how completely unique our jewelry line is and also how special it is to be a part of a family run and operated business and now at 28 I feel like the luckiest woman in the world to be able to continue this legacy and that I get to design everyday with my amazing Mother.

You both take immense creative energy from nature and that is reflected in your artistry. Besides Mother Nature, which artists inspire your creative vision?

Hannah – Wow, that is a tough question as there are so many amazing artists who inspire me! Personally speaking I think M.C. Escher’s art has had huge influence on my own art and artistic style. I also adore southern artist Walter Anderson’s work as well as the wallpaper designs of William Morris and although perhaps having less creative influence on my art one of my all time favourite artists is John William Waterhouse… probably because I have always had a love of Greek and Norse mythology and his work was strongly based on Greek mythology and Arthurian legend. I adore the work of Art Nouveau artists Alphonse Mucha and Gustav Klimt and Margaret MacDonald; they inspire most of my drawings.

Gogo — Caulder is one of my favourites for his beautiful form and function of mobiles. Frida Kahlo and Georgia O’Keefe for their outstanding contributions as women in the art world and for their equal love of nature.

Where is your favourite place to travel? Is there one spot in particular that you’ve found your most memorable hidden gem?

Hannah- Hmmmm…. favourite place to travel. I would say that changes periodically. At the moment I am completely in love with a little hilltop town in Italy called Montalcino. I could easily call it home for a while! We do gather inspiration and pieces from nature on all of our travels however I would say that Cumberland is still where we find most of our inspiration.

Gogo — Cumberland and Martha’s Vineyard are both equally dear to us and inspiring to us. Each island offering its own unique and beautiful selection of treasures for us to work with whether it be seedpods, snail shells, mussel shells, or sand dollars. There isn’t a day that passes that we are not finding something for our next designs.

How has your process of making jewelry evolved over the years?

Gogo — Our jewelry line has evolved from natural bones and shells strung on fishing line to a very sophisticated process of lost wax casting in gold and silver, three dimensional scanning, and stone setting. We are now also creating sculptures as well as pieces for the home.

Describe the ideal Gogo jewelry woman. What is her style and life motto?

Hannah — We would like to think that any woman can be a Gogo Jewelry woman. We love to instil a sense of confidence and creativity in each woman that collects our jewelry. It’s empowering to wear a pair of rattlesnake jawbone earrings and appreciate the transformation from nature to art. It’s about discovering the luxury of simplicity.

Do you have a favourite organization involved with Marine Conservation?

Gogo — Yes we work very closely to raise funding for the Georgia Department of Natural Resources for the protection of none game species as well as helping to educate people of the many protected species. Although this incorporates more species than just marine life. If you are interested in finding more information please visit www.dnr.wa.gov

What can we expect from the new collection and the future of Gogo Jewelry?

Hannah — We will continue our travels around the world to gather inspiration and study nature for our latest designs. We also foresee a great rise in the number of Gogo Jewelry collectors! We hope to continue to inspire and instil awareness, respect and preservation for nature in all those who come across our line.